In-Home Personal Training

Fitness Friend offers the luxury of working out in the privacy and convenience of your own home. For many clients, this is the ideal situation, because it is safer, more comfortable, and more personal. Your house becomes your own private exercise studio, where you get the undivided attention of your trainer. With this one-on-one care, you will be able to develop the confidence, comfort level, and focus needed to have a truly transformative and enjoyable workout experience.

Plus: Fitness Friend likes to make it easy on you. Everything you need to get in shape will be brought to your house; all you have to do is open your door. You’ll have the opportunity to work out with a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, stability balls, bands, steps, kettlebells, balance discs, yoga mats, and more. Each piece offers a unique benefit and meets a specific area of need, be it strength, flexibility, etc. And, of course, your own at-home gym, weights, or cardio machines may be used to enhance workouts as well.

Our personal trainers are experts at diagnosing each client’s individual state of health and fitness, and will use many different types of equipment to help you improve each aspect of your overall condition.

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