Best In Home Massage in St Louis

Enjoy massage in the comfort and convenience of your home with Fitness Friend, as we bring the massage table, music, hot stones, and relaxing vibe to you!

There are a myriad of benefits to massage therapy, including relaxing tight muscles, correcting muscle and posture imbalances, relieving headaches, joint pain, and nerve pain. Our massage therapy sessions are a great compliment to any exercise program, as they are not just relaxing but also do real work to improve your overall bodily condition and wellbeing. You can expect things like better posture, feeling looser and more mobile, and relief from chronic pain. Our therapist is an expert in diagnosing each individual’s unique needs, and addressing them to get real, lasting results.

About Our Massage Therapist

Tony Minorini is a licensed massage therapist (LMT), and has expertise in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone Therapy. With 3.5 years of industry experience, Tony has the knowledge and ability to serve a wide range of issues and concerns for clients. He has a keen eye for diagnosing each person’s particular condition, and has expert skill in resolving issues such as muscle tightness and imbalance, headaches, sciatic nerve pain, and constricted rotator cuff.

Tony has been a resident of St. Louis for more than 25 years. He’s an active member of the ecological community, and enjoys biking, hiking, and fishing. He studied biology at Bradley University before traveling to Massage in Phoenix, AZ at the renowned Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy.

Tony has a passion for helping people achieve better health and wellness through offering massage therapy in conjunction with physical training and corrective exercise. He often works with the other Fitness Friend trainers to help people achieve this goal, and so he’s a perfect fit for the Fitness Friend Team! If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Tony directly for scheduling or any related inquiries.

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