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Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a NASM CTP (Certified Personal Trainer) and SFS (Senior Fitness Specialist). After never quite getting the results he was looking for, Ben hired a trainer and found that, for the first time in his life, he was actually excited about going to the gym.

He found the trainer-client dynamic so powerful and effective that he wanted others to enjoy the same results. He decided to change career paths and become a trainer, and since then has never looked back.

Every day, he wakes up motivated and excited to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Andrew Helbig

Andrew Helbig is ISSA CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). He has had a life-long passion for exercise, and is thrilled to have found a career path in fitness because every day he gets to do what he loves.

He is extremely dedicated to his own workouts, and he enjoys extending that same care, devotion, and drive to the clients he trains. He believes exercise is crucial for everyone, no matter what their age, physical condition, or life situation. He sees the mental health benefits of exercise as being just as important as the physical.

Andrew is not only an excellent coach and motivator, but he is also a fun person to spend an hour with!

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Kevin Ashley

Kevin Ashley is an ASFA CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), and Fitness Friend feels lucky to have him on the team. His two greatest passions in life are fitness and helping others, and he feels that his choice to become a personal trainer was inevitable because of this.

He has lots of experience in functional bodybuilding and athletic performance training, and feels these two styles are ideal for building strength and athleticism and for increasing mobility. He believes this type of training is actually beneficial for everyone, since it helps keep the body pain and injury free through the aging process, in particular by building resilience in the knees, hips, low backs and shoulders.

He is a true exercise science expert, and he loves seeing his clients get the results they are looking for. He is a successful trainer largely because of his ability to properly assess his client’s needs and goals, and also through his careful attention to detail in terms of programming and in coaching his clients on proper form and technique.

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